Listing your property for sale or rent

When sending your property for listing in , it is helpful to have as much relevant information as possible in terms of property information and features and good clear resolution images. Ideally, the images should be in the region of 1000 x  600 pixels in landscape format only. Within reason, the more images, the better…we would recommend an average of 10 exterior images and 10 interior images up to a maximum of 30 images in total.


Price: in local currency
Location: Physical address, district, state and country
Type of property: Detached, semi-detached, villa, apartment etc
Total plot size: in square metres
Property size: in square metres
Number of Floors: (including basement levels)
Number of Bedrooms and type: (single, double etc)
Details of other rooms: (i.e. Living room, den, dining room, games room etc)
Climate Control: (Air Conditioning, central heating etc)
Relevant details of property features: fireplaces, high ceilings, window types and styles, Jacuzzi, sauna, decorative features, kitchen style including cooking gas or electric, photovoltaic power etc.
Exterior Details: (drive, gates, garage/car port and parking details for how many vehicles, pool, gardens and indication of size front and/or rear, tennis courts, horse paddock, orchard, workshop etc)
Local features and amenities: sea, river or lake views, nearby schools, supermarket, main roads, etc.