Terms & Conditions

1. This website, www.property4salebyowner.org, hereinafter known as ‘this website‘, does not in any way, operate as an estate agent or realtor company or business.
2. This website only provides a platform for property owners/renters to advertise their properties for sale or rent to any prospective buyers or renters.
3. The sole services provided by this website are; (a) listing properties and businesses for sale or rent for the owners of said property and businesses. Said owners may at their own discretion, use the link of their listing, in various other websites, directories, classified positions and any publication where they may advertise their own property and/or business for sale.
4. All information shown is provided by the advertisers concerned and this website is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
5. This website and any employees or representatives of this website are not responsible for and cannot undertake any part of communications or negotiations between prospective buyers and sellers.
6. This website will not forward mail/contact from potential purchasers on behalf of advertisers.
7. All advertisers must provide contact details which will be displayed on their advertisement/website.
8. This website, it’s owners or any representatives, do not provide accompanied property visits with regard to potential purchasers.
9. This website, or any employees or representatives of this website are not authorised to either ask for nor expect to be paid commission arising from any property sale proceeds. The only charge made by this website to property owners is for the property advertiser’s listing within this website. Thereafter, any further charges made, will only be in relation to any upgrade of an existing listing position within this website.(i.e. a front page position)
10. This website does not promote, market or advertise individual properties that are listed in this website outside of the links and images already displayed within this website or it’s own social media pages.
11. This website will advertise and promote ‘itself’ as an entire site wherever it expects appropriate response and traffic
12. Prospective buyers should always seek qualified legal advice before entering into any property purchase.
13. This website reserves the right to reasonably amend the terms and conditions at any time.

We do not charge sales or any other type of commission regarding the sale or rental of any property. We charge a one-off fee for listing the property in www.property4salebyowner.org.

We also cannot guarantee the details of the property as such details which  have been provided by the owner(s) of any property offered in this site and we would always recommend purchasers take qualified legal advice in this respect.

Fees for an individual property property profile page listing, start from €59 as a one-time payment including galleries and property details etc. until sold or withdrawn. The properties may remain if unsold/rented, at no extra charge, however, the advertiser must inform us appropriately, that they wish the listing to remain in place. If we do not receive any request to keep the listing as is, we will remove the listing after 12 months as we will assume the listing is no longer required.

We reserve the right to update and amend these terms and conditions as needed.